Awards & Recognition


Dear Shariq bhai,

Dinner and the service is usually the last thing on a bride’s mind. If she does eat, she probably won’t even remember what she ate or who served her. But with the sort of service your team gave us, a bride would have to be blind not to notice and appreciate.

As I mentioned to you in person, I was both impressed and amazed by the dinner service. I can safely say that I have never experienced anything like it before. Your team didn’t just look like they had been paid to smile – they did it from the heart. They served us like family serves each other at an intimate gathering, explaining the dishes with pride, insisting that they replace any cold dishes with hot fresh ones, playfully policing everyone to try the Hyderabadi biryani, begging people to have a spoonful more when their plates were empty. My friends sat at the dinner table for what felt like a good two hours, at points even clapping and cheering over the food. I have never seen people sit a wedding reception table and eat continuously and with such excitement for THAT long! It was truly incredible. I felt like a queen at a feast that night.

I’m not sure if dad mentioned to you that my business in Dubai is focused on food. My friends know that I’m a die-hard food lover and had very high expectations of the food at my wedding. Nothing short of exceptional would have satisfied them, and your team not only met their expectations, but went above and beyond them. You all made it a night and dinner to remember.

Please do let every member of your team know that the service was what made the dinner exceptional. Food can be delicious when made well, but food only becomes memorable when served with love. On behalf of my family and my in-laws, we thank you and your team for serving our guests at the wedding with love.

Kind regards,